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Grand Parker Casino

Grand Parker Casino

Bonus: $  8000

Overall Rating: 9.44 / 10

Rome Casino

Rome Casino

Bonus: $  10000

Overall Rating: 9.68 / 10

Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino

Bonus: $  300

Overall Rating: 9.47 / 10

Winner Casino

Winner Casino

Bonus: €  1250

Overall Rating: 9.44 / 10

Casino Titan

Casino Titan

Bonus: $  3000

Overall Rating: 9.69 / 10

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Blacklisted Casinos Persists on looking out for the recently happenings all around the online casino and after being fully aware about the pros n cons we offer you with the certified directory and also keeping in mind the quality of online gaming needed by the punters!
There are a number of reasons due to which there are certain casinos that have been added up into the blacklisted casinos list. The reasons may comprise of a number of drawbacks that a casino has, the reasons can be justified by explaining them in detail like: when a player does not receive the amount won at a casino, a corrupt software that results in unreasonable odds and has the non random game results, violations of regulations and licensing, lack of security with confidential and monetary information or shared database, and not to forget the non-responsive attitude towards the inquiries.
In order to find out the safest online casino which does not create any hurdles into your winnings just click onto the homepage of and play safe and secure?
Keep in mind that the lists of online casinos below have never been listed into our exclusive directory.  This provides you with a liberty to play at your preferred casino which is completely authorized and listed in different places on the sites online casinos collection.  To grab out the player reviews about the best online casinos and also the blacklisted casinos just keep on browsing!
The list below holds a wide range of casinos just check out and beware of all the crap that you might fall into.

Grand Prive Casinos are blacklisted!

Do not play at Jackpot Wheel , Bella Vegas, Lake Palace, Villa Fortuna, Jupiter Club, Fortune Junction, Casino Grand Bay and Roadhouse Reels.

When asked for payouts, the following casinos initiate the process for withdrawal, but suddenly they disappear and payment never arrives.

                                >>                                           >>
                                >>                                    >>
                                >>                                               >>
                                >>                                     >>
                                >>                                        >>

All the Casinos of "Casino Pays" brand are Blacklisted for spamming search engines.

Absolute Poker

The Absolute poker group has been charged for various deceitful scandals. The working pattern of the Absolute Poker has been quite in a polite way and if they would not have been into the fraudulent acts we would not have kept it in blacklisted casinos list.

Atlantic Lounge Casino Group powered by RTG software
This is a serious warning for all you punter out there! Just do not attempt to play onto this casino as owner of the casino has vanished and no contacts are available of the Casino!

Atlantic Vegas Casino

The Atlantic Vegas Casino cannot be termed as a safe casino as it does not hold a legal license to hold the casino activities and above all the software of the casino is not at all known.  Just keep yourself safe and do not land up into deep trouble.

Crystal Palace Group powered by RTG


                                >>American Circus Casino                            >>American Grand Casino
                                >>Americas Online                     >>Casino Peru
                                >>Cleopatras Casino                                   >>Crystal Palace Casino
                                >>Club Mardi Gras                                       >>Club Regal Casino
                                >>Golden Nile Casino                                   >>High Rollers Lounge
                                >>Jackpot Kings Casino                                >>Jackpot Cash Casino
                                >>Lucky Coin Casino                                    >>Lucky pyramid casino
                                >>Powerbet                                                 >>Royal Circus Casino
                                >>Silver Sands Casino                                  >>Vegas Frontier
                                >>Vegas Riches

Also displayed as:

                                >>CaptainJack Casino                                      >>CatsEye Casino
                                >>GoldStream Casino                                       >>LuckyPalm Casino
                                >>PharaohsGold Casino                                   >>Ringmaster Casino
                                >>RoyalAce Casino

The crystal palace Group holds on a good status in terms of offering the best bonuses that is completely impractical to accomplish the betting requirements, which is not possible to withdraw. Once you made a request for withdrawal, you will be offered with an extra lucrative bonus that will that will keep on looping unless and untill your dont have a penny to withdraw. Even if you are amongst the lucky punters to conclude by winnings anyways but this casino is well known for not paying out the punters with their winnings amounts.
It is better to stay away from them!

GoldVIPCasino (RTG)

The GoldVIPCasino is a complete spam, the search engine declares them to be a complete cheat and is seemed to be bad-mannered with the punters. Often punters have a negative experience and view about them. In order to give them the complete satisfaction of a good casino we do not deal with such a bad casino and nor should you.

Casinova Software

                                >>Casino Onliner                                               >>Slots Alley
                                >>Casino Onliner                                               >>
                                >>Lucky Traffic                                                   >>Lucky Trump
                                >>Lucky Trump Casino                                       >>Magic Trump
                                >>Magic Trump Casino                                       >>Popular Casino Group
                                >>Trump Casino Group                                       >>Fair Gaming Labs
                                >>Gamblersonnet Portal


Software has been adjusted towards Casino, not recommended on play on such casinos.

Maxima powered by Playtech:
Maxima casino is the first casino we have ever experienced who tends to change their rules after every game. Once the player starts playing you play for a bonus as you are told to but once you get to win on that and wish you cash out your win the rules change in a moment.   

Beware of such casinos which changed there terms as per your convienence.

Ministering Angel Casino with Proprietary Software:

Not at all a preferred casino in our list. The name itself is not attractive. And the games are terrible. The pages of the Casino are copied from theirs. How can it be trusted?

Naked Poker powered by CyberArts

This casino is termed as a cheater and this is the reason that makes it of no use to play. This casino has done it with many people and next can be you so save yourself!

Rocco Casino (own rogue software)

This is another casino that holds on a terrible software. The experience at this casino is so bad. Why try for such a casino!

Sunny group (Cytech)

                                >>Casino Fortune                                               >>Mapau Casino
                                >>Miami Beach Casino                                        >>Goldgate Casino
                                >>Poker Show                                                    >>Mapau Bingo

Holds on a number of complaints in terms of their payments so just dont just waste your time and money.!

Sunshine Bingo (Parlay)

Does not exist in terms of payment methods.

Tajmahal Palace Casino

The old stories with this casino as well. Does not pay back the winnings of the players.
Its better to stay away rather than getting into a mess!

Top speed Poker (Dynamic Gaming Systems)

Non paying casino. Beware.

Vegas24 (iGaming Software)

No license and the terrible wagering requirements make it awful. No answers for anything they do.

Virtual Casino Group RTG

Casino list:

                                >>The Virtual Casino                                        >>Cirrus Casino
                                >>Dreams Casino                                            >>Prism Casino
                                >>Cool Cat Casino                                           >>Palace of Chance
                                >>Club Player                                                  >>Vip Lounge
                                >>Bet Royal Casino                                          >>
                                >>Wild Vegas Casino

Its just a site that will show you dreams which will take you on the top but it will hold no existence in reality. Do you think its worth playing.  Do not play for something that does not hold any possibility.

Winner333 casino (Global Power Gaming?)

Possibly related:

                                >>                                          >>
                                >>                                         >>
                                >>                                     >>

Terrible, cheat, worst software and no pay backs….

Start Your Own Casino (proprietary)

                                >>                                     >>Start Your
                                >>                                        >>
                                >>                                               >>
                                >>                                            >>
                                >>                                             >>

Ahhh. They just make use of their backend while making sure that you dont win. They will just attract you to commence and then will lead you no where.

Winward (Parlay)

The terms and conditions on the bonus are just so bad. Dont get attracted without reason.

Brandy Casino powered by Playtech

They are just spammers and we will not entertain them at all!

Futurebet Software

                                >>Empire casino                                                >>Inter-x-casino
                                >>Vegas24 Casino                                            >>Fox
                                >>Lucky Hog                                                     >>Game Play
                                >>Advanced Gaming                                          >>Revolutionary Poker
                                >>Pure Poker                                                   >>oddsmaker

Initially will question you hard which will not be easy for you to answer and then will not be willing to pay off anything.
Dont walk in!

Kiwi Casino (playtech)

                                >>Kiwi Bingo                                                      >>Kiwi Poker
                                >>Tiki Bingo                                                      >>Blackpool Bingo
                                >>FastWin Casino

It was initially a trusted casino. Since it has been sold off it holds no reputation now.

Hype, Inchilli also known as hype gaming

Recently been wrapped without explaining any reasons. But can be taken as a internal fight. The consequences of which are empty handed casino and staff.
Stay away! (Wager21)

                                >>                                       >>
                                >>                                   >>
                                >>                                        >>
                                >>                                           >>

Faulty Softwares are being displayed which clears that investing here is a risk

Not Recommended

The lists of these casinos are amongst the blacklisted ones. But they are presently under new ownerships and management and are trying hard to bring up themselves. However these casinos are not being removed of from this list as we do not want to recommend them until they redeem themselves completely. Trying out your luck on these casinos are you individual decisions but we would suggest you to please move further with caution. Any other problems that you face can be reported to . We expect to get your feedback no only in terms of a bad experience but even if you are happy with them let us know.

IGS Casinos:

                                >>                            >>
                                >>                           >>www.exclamationpoints000
                                >>                           >>
                                >>                       >>
                                >>                        >>www.interactivegamingsystems
                                >>                          >>
                                >>                                 >>
                                >>                                     >>
                                >>Indio Casino                                             >>African Palace

Assorted Softwares:

                                >>1cnp Casino                                                 >>Rochester Casino
                                >>Arcada Casino                                              >>Black Widow Casino
                                >>Bringmeluck Casino                                       >>Casino4aces
                                >>Casinobar                                                     >>Casinoonair
                                >>Casino Onliner                                              >>Destination Poker
                                >>Dice of Fire                                                    >>Fivestar-casino
                                >>Goldbetting Casino                                        >>Grand Banks Casino
                                >>ixcasino                                                          >>Joker-club
                                >>                                               >>Largo Casino
                                >>Luckydog Sports                                             >>Lucknrollcasino
                                >>Lucky Trump                                                  >>Lucknrollcasino
                                >>Magic Trump Casino                                      >>Players Vegas
                                >>Royal Dutch Casino                                        >>Roman Casino
                                >>Slots Alley                                                      >>Sterlinghouse Casino
                                >>Trump Casino Group                                      >>Xraycasino

Questionable software types:

                                >>Casinova Software                                       >>XCOA World Entertainment
                                >>Elka Systems Software                               >> sites - We have received a number of complaints from players for non payment of winning (small winnings too).

                                >>Casinova Software                                         >>0 Online Casino
                                >>Abyss Casino                                                >>Alps Casino
                                >>Big Shots Casino                                           >>Casino 4 Turks
                                >>Casino Brio                                                   >>Casino Plaza
                                >>Cinderellas Casino                                        >>Code Casino
                                >>CyberBet Casino                                           >>E-Vegas Online
                                >>Excelsior Casino                                           >>Fashion Casino
                                >>Game Time Casino                                      >>Golden Coast Casino
                                >>Golden Payouts Casino                                 >>Living Casino
                                >>Lucky Dogs Casino                                       >>Lucky Win Casino
                                >>Monte Casino                                                >>Only Winners Casino
                                >>Palm Tree Casino                                         >>Picadilly-Casino
                                >>PitBoss Casino                                             >>
                                >>Prince Monaco Casino                                   >>Pyramid Palace Casino
                                >>Roman Palace Casino                                   >>Supreme Casino
                                >>                                          >>Vegas Grand
                                >>World Class                         >>Bugsy Online Casino
                                >>Casino Bellissimo                                        >>Go-Casino
                                >>Casino Mystique                                           >>Crazy Horse Online Casino
                                >>Easy Rider Casino                                       >>Aristocrat Casino
                                >>Steamboat Casino                                       >>Loasis
                                >>Lucky Charm Online Casino                           >>Online Vegas
                                >>Grand Prix Online Casino

A confession statement was issued from Clock Media that previous version of there software was developed with majority of winnings in favor of casino, they also confessed that players data was stolen by there programmers due to lack of control.

                                >>Casino Depot                                                 >>
                                >>Gold Nugget                                                  >>Merlins Magic Castle Online Casino
                                >>Abracadabra Casino                                        >>Kosher Casino
                                >>Casino Gold                                                  >>Ice Palace Casino
                                >>Premiere Online Casino                                  >>Ramses Valley of The Kings
                                >>Grand Online Casino                                     >>Tahiti Club Casino
                                >>Pacific Princess                                              >>Vegas Web Casino
                                >>Sultan Casino                                               >>Rolling Stone Casino
                                >>Lucky Star Casino                                          >>Palace Online Casino
                                >>Captain Casino                                            >>Casino Adventure
                                >>Golden Dragon Online Casino                       >>Manhattan Casino
                                >>Sir Gambalot Online Casino                           >>Arizona Sands Casino
                                >>The Jazz Casino                                           >>Sunset Online Casino
                                >>Transnet Casino                                          >>Moonpalace Casino
                                >>Lazarus Casino                                            >>vinocasino
                                >>Master Blackjack                                          >>Casimodo Palace
                                >>                                            >>Vegas Action
                                >>Mgm Palace                                                  >>East Side
                                >>Casino XO                                                     >>Baobab

Winning was denied to pay with a silly excuse of "not random enough" by Elka Systems, Everything is copied including: website design, content, even the players testimonals and certification copy(which ofcourse is fake). Heavly discouraged due to violation of international copyrights.

                                >>Netgaming                                                    >>Brilliant Casino
                                >>Own Casino                                                  >>
                                >>Natural Casino                                             >>
                                >>                                >>
                                >>                             >>
                                >>                               >>
                                >>                                            >>
                                >>                                            >>
                                >>                                           >>
                                >>                                        >>
                                >>                            >>
Unified Gaming Sites:

                                >>Golden Wager Casino                                >>Gambling Stadium
                                >>Vegas Palace Casino                                 >>Aloha Casino

Beware of giving them your personal details on these casinos as the information provided by you will be used in some fruad cases and you will become culprit due to this fishy group.

The Luckys Group. Non payment of winning:

                                >>                                      >>
                                >>                                  >>
                                >>                          >>
                                >>                             >>
                                >>                              >>
                                >>                                        >>Wrld Casino
                                >>                                 >>
                                >>                                        >>
                                >>                                         >>
                                >>                                             >>
                                >>                                              >>
                                >>                               >>
                                >>                                     >>
                                >>                                     >>
                                >>                                       >>
                                >>                                           >>
                                >>                                  >>
                                >>                                                  >>Wild Aces
                                >>                                        >>
                                >>     >>
                                >>                   >>
                                >>                               >>
                                >>                                           >>
                                >>                                   >>
                                >>                                     >>
                                >>                              >>
                                >>                                                  >>
                                >>                             >>
                                >>                                              >>Online-Sportsbook
                                >>Pharoahs Casino                                         >>Playerz Casino
                                >>Playoff Sportsbook                                       >>Rated Best Casino
                                >>Real Vegas Casino                                     >>Rolling High
                                >>Sand Dune Casino                                      >>Sand Sportsbook
                                >>Sbeach Casino                                             >>Southernbelle Casino
                                >>Sphinx Sportsbook                                       >>Sportsbook-Sales
                                >>Stardice                                                          >>Straight Aces
                                >>The Gamblr                                                   >>Top Online Casino
                                >>Total Bets                                                       >>Turban Casino
                               >>Voted Best Casinos                                     >>Wgaming

These sites come under Blacklisted category due to refuse of payments to big winners, breach of contract i.e. information has been sold out.

                                >>Casino Extreme                                            >>Five Roses Casino
                                >>Casino Heat                                                  >>Ruby Dragon Casino
                                >>Golden Comps                                             >>Magic Oasis
                                >>Vegas Strip Casinos
                                >>                                                 >>
                                >>                                        >>
                                >>ElDuce Casino                                              >>
                                >>                                    >>


                                >>0 Online Casino                                           >>2flys Casino
                                >>8drawbingo                                                   >>
                                >>                                      >>


                                >>Simple Net Bet                                              >>Gamblers Palace
                                >>Skytower                                                         >>Casino VR

P.S. The Above mentioned list is been prepared with reference of several other websites and feedback / complaints we have received from players. CasinoMegaMall is not responsible for any error in the same.

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