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Best Keno Tables
Joyland Casino
ReviewsJoyland Casi
Lucky Emperor
ReviewsLucky Empero
Golden Reef
ReviewsGolden Reef
Grand Mondial
ReviewsGrand Mondia
Guru Play
ReviewsGuru Play
Royal Vegas
ReviewsRoyal Vegas
Keno Bonus
Casino Bonus US?  
Casino Kingdom 77$
Casino Share 2011$
Casino Euro 100$
Betway Casino 1000$
Titan Bet 25$
7Red 100$
Betfred Casino 500$
Captain Cooks 500$
Casino Action 1250$
Unibet Casino 100$

Online Keno

The simplest version of Keno was invention of the Chinese nearly 1000 years ago. In the year 1515 Jan Van Eyck’s widow organised Keno in the form of Lottery to make some money from his paintings. But it was in San Francisco, where Keno was played for the first time. It is interesting to know that Keno arrived in the USA not from the Europe but from Chinese sailors working in the sea port. Despite the fact gambling was not legal in the US, keno became popular and the Chinese symbols were gradually replaced by numeric for the convenience of the local players. Even after ban on gambling was lifted in the US in year 1931, Keno was still on the forbidden list but the operators quickly changed its name to ‘Racehorse Keno’ to cash in on its popularity. In this version, every number was stuck on the horse, that’s why every draw in keno was called “RACE”. Its name was changed once again when government passed law to legalize Keno.

Highly Rated Keno Table
Casino Bonus payout  
Challenge Casino $1000 96.76% Reviews
Swiss Casino $4000 96.43% Reviews
Dublinbet $1000 98.24% Reviews
Box24 Casino $2400 96.33% Reviews
Red Betsafe $100 97.16% Reviews

Keno Rules and Strategy

The game of Keno is highly relaxing and enjoyable. The keno rules are simple to learn, there is a range of numbers 1 through 80 and the player has to pick numbers of their choice from 1 or up to 15, which they believe will be picked by the RNG System of the casino. Once the game starts, no further numbers are allowed to be chosen. Then the random numbers begin to be drawn as in a lottery or a bingo. Whoever matches all the 15 chosen numbers, with the 15 randomly drawn numbers, is a winner. The winnings decrease with the decrease in matched numbers. Pay out depends on the number of the matched numbers.
In online casino, the player can choose 15 numbers of their choice by clicking from a list of 80 numbers displayed on the screen. The pay table is displayed on the side of the screen. If a player matches more than two numbers, they win a payout.
There are many variations of the game; however it’s taste of the individual player, which ones they would like to play. It’s relaxing and if luck favours, you can win a jackpot. GOODLUCK! Have fun.


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Keno Bonus
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