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Best Craps Tables
Mansion Casino
ReviewsMansion Casi
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Craps Bonus
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William Hill 150$
Players Palace 2000$
Phoenician Casi 1200$
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Online Craps

Craps is another game that has become popular in a very short span and is now an attraction at most land based casinos. Ever since this game was launched online the fanfare was further increased. The information on this game posted for our patrons and visitors will definitely please you and help playing the game. We suggest you take little time going through the sections, how to play Craps, Rules of the game and list of popular casinos where you can play craps.

Highly Rated Craps Table
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Virtual City Casino $40 97.02% Reviews
Villento Casino $1000 96.81% Reviews
Yukon Gold $1000 96.88% Reviews
Zodiac Casino $500 97.18% Reviews
Expekt Casino $200 97.45% Reviews

Craps Rules and Strategy

It is game with one of the lowest house edge, and for that reason it carries the best odds for the player. The table for craps is of a spherical design, with high sides to retain two equal dice within the walls and having many specified areas for placing the wagers. There is just 1 set of two dice is used and the values range from minimum 2 to maximum 12.
You can have various sort of bets in craps. The basic rule is, one person rolls a set of dice and players near to the craps table bet either against or with a shooter. Every punter gets a chance to shoot.

This bid is placed by the player putting up their chips marked areas known as PASS-LINE. It is also called series bet, since shooter might have to roll the dice many times, prior to that bet is lost or win. 1st roll of the series is known by the name Come-Out roll and are taken care differently compared to others.
There is DON’T PASS BETS these are bets against the shooter.
In 7 a come out roll and an 11 wins automatically for pass line bets and variations would end. If 3, 12 or 2 termed as craps are rolled on randomly pass line looser and the variation ends here. From the other numbers  6, 4, 5 or 10,8,9 become the shooters point and the variation carries on.
The point further changes into the aim of the shooter in order to move forward in the series. He attempts on rolling on the similar no. Prior to rolling the number seven. If he rolls seven prior to their aimed point it is called a seven out; pass-line bet loose and the series come to an end. Nothing will happen no matter what so ever be the number other than 7 or rolls in the point and the shooter carries on to roll.
It is important to know that PASS-LINE bets can be made at the initial stage of the series and once the points have been finalized they cannot be changed.

Once the player has set up the pass-line bet and a point has been authenticated, other betting choice is brought up, known as Odds Bet. These are considered better wagers as there is no house cut on these, moreover odds can be placed to increase the pass-line bets that you have already made.
Such a bet id made right away at the back of your pass-line bet; after a point is authenticated. You can also bet double the amount you have wagered on pass-line bets. Since the payout on odd bet is 3to 2, we suggest you bet dollars in even figures once the point 9or 5 is established.

Come-bets are made only after the setting up the point not before that. You will win if the succeeding roll is 7 or 11, but you will loose if the roll turns out to be 2, 3, or 12. If 4, 5, 6, and 8, 9, 10 are rolled, it becomes your come point. Your bet will be moved, by the dealer, on to a number on the table that is related to your come point.
suppose you have two bets in the similar series, one on pass line and the other on come bet, you will win even if this number comes before 7. This way you can avail double advantage.
DO NOT COME-BETS are just the reverse of come-bets, in this 12 is a standoff and 1st roll of 3-2 wins.

Bets placed on nos. 6,4, 5 and 10, 8, 9 after point is established are place bets. If any of these numbers comes before 7 you will win. The typical pay offs are 9 to5 on 4 and 10, 7 to 5 on 5 and 9, and 7 to 6 on 8 and 6.


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