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Best Blackjack Tables
Casino Tropez
ReviewsCasino Trope
Casino Club
ReviewsCasino Club
Tower Gaming
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Casino Classic
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Blackjack Ballroom
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Blackjack Bonus
Casino Bonus US?  
Royal Vegas 1200$
Guru Play 300$
Grand Mondial 2500$
Golden Reef 100$
Lucky Emperor 100$
Joyland Casino 850$
Lucky Nugget 1000$
Music Hall 500$
NordicBet 200$
Nostalgia Casin 500$

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the easiest casino online games and no doubt is the smartest. Here on our site you will find the most generous casino bonuses & special promotions for online Blackjack. You can find the latest tourneys launched by online Casinos for the elite Blackjack lovers under the Blackjack Tournaments. If you wish, you can play Blackjack using our how to win section and learn Black Jack strategy. You can read detailed articles describing different strategies. You can then play on your favorite online casino to start betting and begin your winning spree.

Highly Rated Blackjack Table
Casino Bonus payout  
Red Bet $400 96.54% Reviews
Lesa Casino $1000 96.39% Reviews
Grand Duke $7000 96.9% Reviews
Expekt Casino $200 97.45% Reviews
Zodiac Casino $500 97.18% Reviews

Blackjack Rules and Strategy

The blackjack, a card game is another popular game at the Casino Table. In blackjack the player is dealt two cards whose sum total should reach 21 or as close to it as is possible without going over. The player has the choice of receiving a third card in an attempt to reach this Sacred total of 21 or as close to it as is possible. The player closest to 21 is the winner. There are many nuances and variations of the blackjack which we shall explain to you here for you to learn and win maximum number of the times.
In the land based casinos the dealer can deal up to 7 players at a time. A bet area box is marked on the table for each player. Above these boxes the cards are dealt. Cards from 2 to 10 carry the number of their face value where as an Ace can be counted as either 11 or 1 depending on the requirement you may have at that moment. All cards with faces on it are counted as 10.
No sooner the players finish wagering their bets, the dealer deals first two cards to all player and the game has begun.
In online casinos, the dealer will deal you as a player and if you choose to play multiple hands at a time, then you should check with the online casino if they have that option. The player and the dealer both gets two cards, The cards are dealt with face up or down depends on variations of the individual casino and will be discussed later.
Blackjack game rules state that if a player gets 21 on their very first two cards, he has won. The winnings are usually 2 to 1.
If the player gets a natural i.e. he receives a ten and an Ace in first two cards he is winner straight unless the dealer also get a natural. In that case there would be a tie also called a “push” and the player gets back his money.
The player has four standard options the moment he gets his first two cards. They can either “Stand”, “Double Down”, or “Hit” .

HIT is termed out to be situation when the player can take on an alternative card from the dealer. In land based casinos a typical motion of the hand signaling for a hit I to scrape the cards against the table, or touch a finger to the wave, or table a hand towards you.

STAND means you do not require a third card and you accept the total of your first two cards as your final total. You will come across this total if you are already close to 21 and you do not want to go “Bust” or go over by accepting another card. In land based live casino you signal by wave out your hand diagonally or spilt  our cards underneath your wagered chips.

DOUBLE DOWN in this the player has the option to double the bets, prior to any other card is issued to him. The player cans double his stake in return of getting an additional card. The player carries further with a similar second bet in the staking container. In the online version, a button appears indicating this option is available and that the player has the ability to double the bet if he chooses this option.

SPLIT A PAIR Once the punter receives the 1st two cards holding on the same amount and value. Punter can further select on to split the pair. The player carries on a bet similar to the previous one. The cards are divided into two different hands for putting on one bet. After that the punter can divide the bets as well.
In the online casino if a player hits a “pair”, additional new button would appear on the screen, indicating the option is available to him.

In the online casino if a player hits a “pair”, additional new button would appear on the screen, indicating the option is available to him.


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