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Best Baccarat Tables
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Online Baccarat

Baccarat is a similar game as Blackjack and is comparatively simple to learn, is a game that provides lot of action and has very low house’s edge. It has been rightly called the game of elegance or the game of the rich. It has gradually emerged as one of the favorite game among all online players as well as land based casinos.

Highly Rated Baccarat Table
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Baccarat Rules and Strategy

Learning baccarat online has advantages like you are away from the gazing eyes of other players around you while you are thinking and implementing your strategies. You are not worried of the bankers judging your style of play. You are in the comfort of your home having all the time to learn at speed convenient to you. At some online casinos you can use play money while learning, thus avoiding loosing you own money.
In baccarat, two hands are dealt one for the player called PUNTO and one for the banker called BANCO. Each hand has two cards or at the maximum three cards.
Basic rules of baccarat states, that to win, the player has come on to a point near to 9 in terms of 3 or 2 card hands. At first two cards are dealt starting at par with the player. Whoever comes closer to 9 and also not losing any winner.
Points values are: All cards from 2 to 9 carry their face value and for Ace is 1.
Rest of the cards from 10 to King carries Zero point.
If from 2 or more cards exceeds 10 or is 10, then ten is subtracted from the total leaving the remainder as your point total. If your initial two cards say 8 and 4 are giving you total of 12, ten is subtracted from it and your point total is 2. In this way you are saved from going bust as in Blackjack.
There are three options available for placing bets in Baccarat.
Banker’s hand wins
Player’s hand wins
There is a Tie.
The payouts are usually 1-1, less 5% commission if winning on bankers bets at hand. Once you place the bets those there will be a put together and the player tends to win the wager that is paid back 9 to 1 or 8 to 1 depending from casino to casino.
If player or bankers point total is 9 or 8 in the initial 2 card contracted, it is called a Natural. Rules say further no cards to be dealt and the winner will be top total.
Punters might contract with the other card if his point total is less than 5 or 5 and stands at 7 or 6.
Banker will take off other card if their point total is less than 2 or 2 and will reach up to 7.
Banker does not withdraw if their first two cards point aggregate is :
    three, and the player 3rd cards is a eight
    four , and the player 3rd cards is a zero,one, eight,or nine
    five, and the player 3rd cards is a zero,one,two, three or eight
six, and the player 3rd cards is a zero,one,two, three,four,five,eight or nine.

This rule is bit difficult to remember initially but as you get along the game you will remember it.


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