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Best Video Poker Tables
Guru Play
ReviewsGuru Play
Grand Mondial
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Golden Reef
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Lucky Emperor
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Video Poker Bonus
Casino US? Bonus
Dublinbet 1000$
Box24 Casino 2400$
Red Betsafe 100$
Black Betsafe 500$
Gaming Club 2000$
21 Grand Casino 1350$
21 Nova 1000$
Aztec Riches 850$
Win Palace 3000$
Royal Vegas 1200$

Online Video Poker

Video Poker is an exhilarating casino game full of fun & excitement. It is similar to slot machine. You will find video poker games developed by Vegas technologies, Micro Gaming and other reputed software providers. At Casino...

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Online Video Poker Casinos

Rank Casino name
Match Bonus
casino_icon Silver Oak Casino flag  10000 100% upto $1000
casino_icon Grand Parker Casino flag  8000 250% upto $2500
casino_icon Grand Luxe flag  1600 400% upto $400
casino_icon Cool Cat Casino flag  10000 400% upto $1000
casino_icon Win Palace flag  3000 300% upto $3000
casino_icon Mona Casino flag  5500 400% upto $400
casino_icon Rushmore Online flag  888 100% upto $400
casino_icon Rome Casino flag  10000 200% upto $1000
casino_icon Onbling Casino flag  3250 325% upto $1000
casino_icon Loco Panda flag  5150 400% upto $1000

Online Video Poker

Video Poker is an exhilarating casino game full of fun & excitement. It is similar to slot machine. You will find video poker games developed by Vegas technologies, Micro Gaming and other reputed software providers. At you will find best information on online Video Poker games, strategy, rules and tips on winning.

Video Poker Rules and Strategy

The rules of online video Poker games are different from regular Poker games. The major difference is that you are playing against a machine. To be a winner in online video poker you have to learn which cards to discard in particular situations.
Video poker games are very popular the world over and the fan pool is ever growing. We suggest you to learn few tips that will help you win most of the times. These tips come from professional players who have years of playing experience. If you keep following these Tips, Better luck will definitely favor you.
1. Look out for the best payouts table: - You are ready to play online poker after having learned necessary tips, tricks and the rules. Look out for a nice video poker game that is generous with payouts and carry best payouts for top combinations.
2. Play video poker tournaments: - Tournaments are best when it comes to finding strategy that works best for a given video poker game without involving your own precious money. Video poker strategy is developed not for game in general but for each video poker type. ( Tournament Schedule is available)
3. Use coins with lower value: - As these are ideal and also you can make higher bets. Usually the payouts are increasing with increasing bets. You can also play longer using low value coins as there is less chance to exhaust your bank roll before you hit a valuable treasure.
4. There is about 21% probability to hit a pair: - 21% Chance to hit a Pair You can devise your own strategy, using this piece of information, and use it effectively. You will need to analyze every hand, you can do it for as long as you wish, if you are playing online video poker, since nothing will happen until you press “DEAL” or “DRAW”
5. Do not draw all cards if you are dealt lower pair: - Lower pair (pair of 2’s and 6’s) sometime doesn’t count, but chances always exist to get three of a kind, four of a kind or full house. Never forget that even if you are going to change your cards, the probabilities won’t, because you are starting a new hand.
In online video poker games you are able to bet from anywhere between 25 cents to $ 5 per round, depending on the online casino and the game you have opted to play. Initially you must have bankroll of at least $ 20 in the machine to be able to start playing.
After choosing your wager, you will click on deal or Draw, which will deal 5 cards to you. In most online video poker games you will need at least pair of Jacks or higher to be able to get a payout. Some times cards like kings or better Or three of a kind are required.
To get a better hand you can hold the cards from the initial dealing discard the rest by pressing button – “DEAL or “DRAW”
We will show how it works:
You put money in the machine you wish to wager and press Draw and your cards will be displayed. You can choose the cards you want to retain and discard the rest. Then click the deal button again. The machine will offer winnings for the hand you are shown if you have no hand that pays out then you have lost the bet.
You can double the winnings depending on the version of the poker you are playing. The computer will ask you if you want to double, if you opt yes then you need to choose a higher card.
Example: the computer laid 5 cards, one of the cards is showing up and this is computer’s card. To win this bet and get double payout you will need a higher card than this i.e. if card shown is 5 you need any card higher than 5 to win double, if the card shown is Jack you will need at least queen or king to win double.
Once you press this option you cannot revert back, the computer card will show only when you agree by pressing a button.
The basic video poker rules
The card values rank from high to low.
1. Ace
2. King
3. Queen
4. Jack
5. Ten
6. Nine
7. Eight
8. seven
9. six
10. five
11. four
12. three
13. two
14. Ace
Ace can be ranked as low or high as it appears in the table.
In video poker a player is dealt 5 cards. The player has the choice to hold one or more of the cards served initially. The player clicks on the cards he wants to retain and clicks another button to deal again. New cards are dealt replacing the old discarded cards. The player is then paid on the basis of best hand possible if they make any winning combination. The payouts are determined by house payout and the initial wager of the player.
You need the following to win in Video Poker
Jacks or Better - means the players best hand is a pair of Jackal, lady, knight or Aces.
Two Pairs - A hand having two pairs of cards like pair of 5’s and 7’s.
Three of same Kind - a hand containing 3 of the same card like three 5’s or three 7’s.
Four of a kind - if you have four cards of same face.
Five of a kind - Like four of the same face and a wild card.
A Straight - if your hand contained sequence 2, 3,4,5,6 but of different suits it is called a straight means five consecutive cards of mixed suits.
Flush - is of 5 cards of same suit but not in sequence, like 2,3,6,7 and 8 of spades or Ace, king, 6, 8, and 9 of clubs.
Royal Flush - You need to have Dime, Jackal, Lady, Knight or Ace of the same color to make a Royal Flush .
Straight Flush - when the cards are sequenced are of same suit like 2,3,4,5 and 6 of hearts.
Wild Royal Flush - is when one card is not of the actual sequence in the royal flush, but acts like that card. Let us suppose if the joker could be the ten of spades, if that card was missing from the royal flush you have going for spades.
Proper Using Gamble feature In Poker games.

Most video poker players are aware that they can find additional features on the majority of poker games available in online casinos.
If a player is successful, he gets an opportunity to play additional game, if he likes to multiply his winnings. These are simple choice for example between two colors to double his winnings, and one of the cards suits, to multiply his winnings 4 times. There are different kinds of variations, but the aim remains the same. The player can invest his winnings to multiply if he is lucky enough.


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