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Online Slots

Online slot is one of the most popular and ever growing parts of the online casinos. These are the widely played casinos games within the world of the online casinos. T...

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Online Slots Casinos

Rank Casino name
Match Bonus
casino_icon Grand Luxe flag  1600 400% upto $400
casino_icon Slotland Casino flag  1000 200% upto $200
casino_icon Casino Titan flag  3000 400% upto $1000
casino_icon Winner Casino  1250 €1250
casino_icon Mansion Casino  300 100% upto $300
casino_icon Grand Parker Casino flag  8000 250% upto $2500
casino_icon Onbling Casino flag  3250 325% upto $1000
casino_icon Cool Cat Casino flag  10000 400% upto $1000
casino_icon Silver Oak Casino flag  10000 100% upto $1000
casino_icon Mona Casino flag  5500 400% upto $400

Online Slots

Online slot is one of the most popular and ever growing parts of the online casinos. These are the widely played casinos games within the world of the online casinos. The main reason why the online slots are an easy game is that playing slots online is as similar as watching TV just like you watch a show or drama.

Slot Machines were first introduced in the year 1887, by Charles Fey, residing in San Francisco, California. In the latter half of the 19th century; video slot machines were introduced to spice-up the view of the players towards the game.

Slots Rules and Strategy

Gaming at slots is easy and fun. Every slot machine comprises of its own rules and staking criteria. Before commencing on online slots consider two basic aspects: option and variation in slots.

The basic rule to win the slots is to obtain a suitable combination of symbols on the slot machine you are playing; the player who gets an appropriate combination of symbols receives the rewards that are calculated as per his bets.

What is Payline in Online Slots?
The display screen on the online slots consists of pay lines on which the winning combination of the symbols appears and the wins are calculated on the pay table.

Paylines are actually the lines consisting of the precise combinations of the symbols that refer awards. The lines run through the reels and they pass across the symbols of each reel.

Count: The number of lines varies in different games therefore on considering a particular slot give a look on the count of lines available.  Often the count of pay lines varies from 1 to 100.

Direction of paylines: The pay lines are drawn horizontally, zig - zag and diagonally.  

Coin and coin size: The coins are not the realistic coins but the money used for staking. The coin size determines how much of amount the player is using for staking or how many coins are placed on the reels.

The number of lines available in slot depends on the number of coins it accepts. More the coins you place more the paylines are activated as:
One coin activates one pay line
Two coins activate Two pay lines
Three coins activate Three pay lines
Four coins activate Four pay lines
Five coins activate Five pay lines

How to Play Online Slot Games?

Players choose the number of coins while considering the limit of machine to choose since different machines have their own limits. Most machines allow to stake with three coins whereas few machines allow maximum five coins.

After placing the bets, press the spin button, the RNG rotates the reels and the computer generates random number that decides when the reels will stop.

The player matches up the symbols and if he gets the suitable combination as per on the pay line he wins. The winning lines are displayed as per the norms of the pay table.

Further, special signs are also used like wild signs in which ace represents the completion of the winning payline.

Slot buttons:

  • Bet PerLine: With this button the player bets an amount of his wish on the particular payline.
  • All Lines: With this button the player places stakes on entire of the existing paylines.
  • Hold: It is used to enable a reel to hold on a specific sign. It is used while playing on double spinning games.
  • The Bet Max: The player presses this button when he places maximum number of coins on the selected payline.

Various types of Online Slots machines

  1. Online Video Slot Machines: In sync with their old and revolutionary counterparts, the video slot machines have been generating a lot of hype in the world of online gambling and are in possession of the major parts of the online slot machines available in the world. These slot machine allow the players to access features like multi-player gaming and progressive slot gaming.
  2. Reel or Classic Online Slot Machines: The updated and online version of the primitive slot machines that were designed with 3 or sometimes even more than 3 reels per machine containing a pay-line in the range of one to five, in order to reward the player. The design of the interface is usually 3-dimensional providing an interactive graphical look-and-feel to the user.
  3. Online Progressive Slot Machines: These machines have been one of the prime reasons for a rise in the interest rate amongst the players, as it enables a player to make bigger jackpot wins. The jackpot prize keeps on collecting, in comparison to the games with fixed jackpots. The collection of prize keeps on growing until and unless a player gets a winning combination.

Let’s learn now how to play on online machines with various slots:

  • Three Reel Slots: It may consist of one to five pay lines which are termed as five modes in which the players can obtain the combinations of symbols. At the moment when the three reels are not moving, total nine symbols can be noticed and the pay lines are rapidly centralized on the third for the first. On the three reel slot, an appealing combination will contain three same symbols. Although a wild symbol may be treated as an alternative for the remaining symbols.
  • Five Reel Slots: The payline in five reel slots is analogous to the three reel slots. At this slot the players obtain several winning odds in the form of designs shown on the display. The playlines are provided with a tinted line to carry on the appropriate combinations of numbers in a right manner.
  • Slot Bonuses: The slots contain one pay line at the right side in the centre. When this symbol becomes noticeable next to the stopping of the reel, a player receives an additional bonus.
  • Features of Slots: Slot machines display unique symbols called Scatter symbols. When these symbols are displayed in the obtained combinations the players take a benefit of free swirls. They can also achieve the extraordinary awards as per the video slot norms.

Tournaments for Online Slots

  1. Head-to-Head Tournaments: The tournament consists of a contest in between two players amongst whom the contest is played. Only one player amid the two, who wins the gamble, could claim the prize.
  2. Weekenders Tournaments: These slot tournaments have been generating a lot of pageantry, as these weekend games attract all those customers who could devote little or no time towards gaming as they are already preoccupied in their other day-to-day business activities.
  3. Free Rolls Tournaments: As the name suggests, these games are free-to-enter type games, whereby, the players do not have to shell any money from their pockets in order to participate in the tournaments. However, the player has got the right of claiming any money that he has earned by winning a game.
  4. Sit-N-Go Tournaments: The schedule for starting this tournament is not fixed. The game could only be started once there are sufficient players to fill up the slots. The number of players and the time taken to complete the game is, however, low in comparison to the other games. This, in contrast, also raises the likelihoods of making a fortune for the players.

Tournaments strategy in Online Slots
Tournaments in slots begin from the set of pay lines that the players buy in and then they receive minimum number of spins which they have to complete within a given time. The players then focus onto playing against the other players aiming at achieving the highest number of credits.

  • Priceless Time: The players who aim at winning the tournaments preferably like to cross the gates soon means they have to cover up the initial stages of the tournament soon to get more time to play and hit the jackpots that increases the probability of your wins and brings you near the prize.
    Since the tournaments are the home of risks, you must complete your game first to claim the prize. ( Hit early – win early)
  • Quit at the right time: People joining tournaments in online slots primarily focus onto winning huge cash. At the moment when it seems you that it’s enough cash you have earned, it would be better to quit.
    It may feel you foolish sometimes however, if you played fast and achieved more than the average, you’ll definitely be one of the award nominees.
  • Remember how many times you Re-Buy:  There are several tournaments organized that offer their players to Re-Buy. Re-Buy is an option which when a player chooses he can start the tournament again and the standard charges are deducted from his account. Through re-buys the players get the same odds of making big prizes.

Online slots Instructions
To win online slot games there is no straight forward strategy to hit the game, really exists. Try to stay far from the sites that claim to provide you the full proof slot tips because actually there is nothing like winning tips in slots. All you need to move on the paytable carefully to save your pocket.

  • Understand the game: If you really want to make something on your slots, thoroughly understand the slots about their least and maximum wagers and get know about their paytable.
  • Play actively:  Don’t commute in the game when you’re mentally tired or emotional since it is sure you’ll lose the game because you couldn’t concentrate on the slots and the things may happen that you would lose more than you want to make for. While in real money gambling the players must have all their senses present else it may tend to make poor decisions on their parts.
  • Set your bankroll: Set up your bankroll you can afford to deposit in the casino and if you spent all, come out since it’s the time to quit. You should never spend out of your budget i.e. on which your household depends. It’s better if you divide your money among various sessions, keep retain yourself on that amount and you’ll definitely make your fortune.
  • Extend your game life: In order to retain on the online slots for longer without emptying your bankroll, you must locate the slots with small wagering and must play with one coin.
  • Use Maximum Coins to hit big jackpots: If you aim at hitting the big jackpots, place bets with maximum number of coins you can. Since in progressive jackpots a bet placed on the specific payline pays more if you play with maximum number of coins.
  • Don’t gamble with what you made: In the online slots when you win something try to keep that apart and play only with your bankroll, by this you’ll be able to carry some money to home when you quit.
  • Avoid scams:  Don’t let the scams to overhead you. Be wise and use your money rather than choosing any weird slots.

At end, team of wants to wish you best of luck for playing online Slots. Pls come back soon to get more information and check out the new best slots games added.


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Slots Bonus
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