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Best Keno Tables
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Online Keno

Keno a famous casino game across the world being played at the modern casinos follows easy to learn gaming rules and is also called the lottery game or a game like bingo. The players guess the numbers and if they match with the r...

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Online Keno Casinos

Rank Casino name
Match Bonus
casino_icon Rome Casino flag  10000 200% upto $1000
casino_icon Rushmore Online flag  888 100% upto $400
casino_icon Mona Casino flag  5500 400% upto $400
casino_icon Win Palace flag  3000 300% upto $3000
casino_icon Grand Parker Casino flag  8000 250% upto $2500
casino_icon Onbling Casino flag  3250 325% upto $1000
casino_icon Slots Oasis flag  4000 400% upto $4000
casino_icon Cool Cat Casino flag  10000 400% upto $1000
casino_icon Crown Europe  7200 200% upto €400
casino_icon Silver Oak Casino flag  10000 100% upto $1000

Online Keno

Keno a famous casino game across the world being played at the modern casinos follows easy to learn gaming rules and is also called the lottery game or a game like bingo. The players guess the numbers and if they match with the random number generator of the game they win the rewards.

Kino originated in China, discovered by Cheung Leung, king of Han Dynasty is being played as a casino game for more than 30 centuries. Cheung Leung was unable to receive more taxes from his people and decided to invent a technique to fill his coffers without loading more taxes on his people.

The formula he invented was much identical to the modern keno game being played today.

Keno Rules and Strategy

Before learning the rules to play the game, let’s have a quick view on the basic aspects of the game:

Keno Table: In online keno you’ll see a Keno table labeled with one to eighty figures arranged in eight rows and ten columns (8x10). The player selects his favorite keno figures out of the 80 figures on the keno table.

Count: You may select one to fifteen keno numbers from the table and this count varies in different online keno tables like few keno tables allow to select 12 figures or few allow selecting 10 figures while at some tables you can select maximum 15 figures too.

How to Play: Once you selected your keno figures, press the play button and the keno random number generator hits 20 figures randomly. If your selected figures come in them, you win. The payouts are decided accordingly the payout rules of the game.

Strategy to increase winning odds in Keno

Your winning odds in Keno depend on the count of the figures you are playing with. More the numbers you’re playing, more the odds of getting similar matches.

Payouts : Payouts in Keno depend on the count of the matching numbers you get on the table.

Payout strategy:

  • More you get the matching figures more you win.  Suppose you select 3 figures on the Keno table and get all matched, you will receive better payout than those of choosing 10 numbers and getting only three matched.
  • Maximum payout is when you select 15 figures and get them matched all. You will receive a payout of ten thousand to one. It doesn’t occur usually, but whenever it occurs the player enjoys the shower of cash as he will get $10,000 for staking $10.

Now, there are some tips which we want to discuss with you to enhance the enjoyment of playing Keno Online.

  • Choosing best Keno table:  Be careful in choosing a casino on which you will play Keno game. Check out various sites  offering you Keno like by their payout options where you can find on casinos by payout section of CMM.
  • Set up your budget: Set up your Keno budget. Keep enough money with yourself to participate in various rounds.
  • Keep enough wager amount with you: In few rounds you may not get the likely combinations so it is better to keep with enough cash to play at least three to four rounds.
  • Wagers: This is especially for the new players, place small wagers to begin with Keno. After playing for many times, when you feel more comfortable with Keno, go for higher wages.
  • Count of figures: Choose more figures on the Keno table to place wagers on. When you choose the maximum number of figures, you have the maximum chances to win.
  • Choose equally: Choose equal count of figures in the upper and lower half of the table.
  • Play with favorite figures: Playing Keno becomes more exciting when you wager on your favorite or can say lucky  numbers. A continuous play on Keno with your lucking numbers increases the odds of wins because your numbers are finally coming up.

Strategy of Choosing the number in game of Keno:

The finest Keno strategy is to choose your favorite numbers like your date of birth, your shirt size or any number that randomly comes into your mind.

Because, there are neither special keno numbers nor the terrible, so do everything with numbers that makes you happy.

The players will be happy hearing that repeatedly wagering on the same numbers like their birthday dates or lucky numbers they achieve higher statistical wins. It is not because they are playing with their lucky numbers but because they have become consistent players.

Feel you are lucky!  Just learning how to play Keno is not enough, you must also be aware of the steps to follow to qualify for the Keno biggest bonuses. This is possible when you play confidently.

To play confidently you should play well and when you play well you will be confident and comfortable in the game which will eventually enhance your mental state towards the game. So, we wish you a very safe a winning play and do come back and share your experience with us.


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