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Best Blackjack Tables
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Blackjack Bonus
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Royal Vegas 1200$
Guru Play 300$
Grand Mondial 2500$
Golden Reef 100$
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Joyland Casino 850$
Lucky Nugget 1000$
Music Hall 500$
NordicBet 200$
Nostalgia Casin 500$

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is the most extensively played casino game around the world. It is the easiest and smartest game and also referred as 21. The game initially began in France and Italy also had the credits to initialize it in 17th centur...

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Online Blackjack Casinos

Rank Casino name
Match Bonus
casino_icon Grand Parker Casino flag  8000 250% upto $2500
casino_icon Cool Cat Casino flag  10000 400% upto $1000
casino_icon Casino Titan flag  3000 400% upto $1000
casino_icon Win Palace flag  3000 300% upto $3000
casino_icon Jackpot City  500 100% upto £200
casino_icon Winner Casino  1250 €1250
casino_icon Mansion Casino  300 100% upto $300
casino_icon Slots Oasis flag  4000 400% upto $4000
casino_icon Rushmore Online flag  888 100% upto $400
casino_icon Loco Panda flag  5150 400% upto $1000

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is the most extensively played casino game around the world. It is the easiest and smartest game and also referred as 21. The game initially began in France and Italy also had the credits to initialize it in 17th century. Two French games Chemin de Fer and French Ferme made it possible to introduce the blackjack for the first time at the French casinos.

It is also a well known American Casino game and the Americans are much passionate for the blackjack such that they call all of the card games blackjack. It is a comparing game in which the player’s cards are compared with the dealer cards while they are aiming at obtaining a hand with points near or equal to 21 but not exceeding 21.

Since the main focus of the Blackjack is on 21 so in Nevada casinos Blackjack is usually called 21.

Blackjack Rules and Strategy

Blackjack is played with all 52 cards (even in case of multihand blackjack) and is a very easy game with two conditions to take care of:

  1. The sum of points should be equal to or closest to 21 without crossing the blackjack number i.e. 21 otherwise that will be considered as bust.
  2. The sum of dealer cards should be lesser than your cards sum.

Before moving ahead it’s important to understand the face value of cards and playing options / buttons available with player.

Cards Value:

  • Number Cards: Cards from number 2 to number 10 have its same face value say : 2 = 2 points, 3 = 3 points so on till 10.
  • Picture Cards: Jack, Queen or King has face value of 10 points whereas Ace can be 1 or 11 depend on requirement.

ace image

Playing options / Buttons:
While playing BlackJack, players will experience different type of options some are routine and some are exceptional options, which are mentioned below for your reference:

Routine Options:

  • Hit: Request for additional card
  • Stand: Hold the request for additional card and the ball is in dealer’s court.
  • Double Down: Double the wagering sum
  • Surrender: As clear from its name, when you surrender the set of a game (your wagering will come back to your account) but one have to use this option before moving ahead.

Exceptional Options:

  • Split A Pair: If the player receives first two cards with the equal values, Split a pair option helps him into splitting both cards among two hands where the player can continues his 2nd bet with the same value equivalent to first bet. The dealer splits the cards in two hands and receives one card from every hand and allows each of them to place single wager.
    After that the players divide the wagers. In the online version when the players press “pair” a new button emerges out of the screen describing that the option is available for them.

Now, We are familiar with cards and options available and it's easy to beat the dealer.

As mentioned above, the motive of the game is to get the score equal to or nearest to 21 and also take in consideration that the score of dealer is either lesser than your score or is bust.

Now let’s have a look upon the most potential outcomes in blackjack which the players get in the form of their results:

  • Success: More the player places the wagers more he succeeds. Suppose, if wager is $20, he will win $20 from dealer in addition of receiving his original wager.
  • Lose: The dealer draws up the player’s wager.
  • Push: This is a case of tie. Player neither wins nor loses, he keeps his wager.
  • BlackJack: It is a type of outcome when player hit the number 21, the player gets 1.5 times he wagers means if his wager is $20, he keeps $20 as well as receives $30 in addition.

How to Play Blackjack:

You must have understood by now the basic of Blackjack. The game starts with the distribution of two cards each between the player and the dealer where players both cards are open and only one card of dealer is open.

The player decides to hit if he believes that the additional card will club his sum more close to 21 or stand if the player is satisfied with the sum of his cards (usually when sum is above 17). Then, dealer opens his second card and considers of taking additional card to achieve the sum close to 21 and more than player cards sum.

Now, if the player has more points than the dealer and less than or equal to 21, he wins. However, dealer loses if his points are less than players sum or more than 21 i.e. dealer bust.

Various sorts of Blackjack:

Blackjack includes a variety of conventional and modern games played across the world, among of which many games are there which are not adapted by the casinos. Moreover the online casino industry has actively developed several those types of blackjack games which are not included in the worldwide casino games. Here we have mentioned those sorts of blackjack that are well established in the casino industry and are actively used by the casinos.

  • Double Exposure Blackjack:
    It operates on the dealer’s initial two cards that are faced up. The game pays even amount whereas the player loses his tie amount too.
  • Spanish 21:
    This sort offers the players to use blackjack options limitlessly, for instance they can use double down option for any sorts of cards. Bonuses are offered for five or more card having total 21, cards with number six to eight to make total 21 and three cards with seven number that is 21. Delay in surrendering is provided. The blackjack players and the players with 21 points win always though they must have a deck with less than 10 cards and must include king, queen and jack.
  • 21st-Century Blackjack:
    In this sort of blackjack if the player busts, it doesn’t mean he will always loss, the rule changes as per the casinos. Even if the dealer exceeds 21 points still for the player it can be tie. But it requires the dealer to bust with more points than the player.
  • Super Fun 21:
    The player can split his cards four times and if he gets 20 points, he is the winner. Payouts are one to one.
  • Blackjack-Switch:
    To play the famous version of Blackjack game called the Switch, one has to begin playing with both hands. The third bet may be placed in the form of “Super Match” wager.

The game starts as like other games where each hand holds two cards likewise the dealer with single card faced up. When the dealer has an ace card, the players get an option of insurance. If the dealer gets 21, he gets paid by 2:1.

All the keyfactors which are important to learn BlackJack and ofcourse beat dealer are considered above. We wish our players a best of luck and enjoy your playing at any of the best blackjack table mentioned above.


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