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Biarritz strategy in Roulette

Biarritz strategy in Roulette

This strategy allows the player to place a wager on single figure unless he wins. Also, it’s easier to understand than Martingale. Suppose if you don’t get the figure you chose in 36 spins, either you can pick up other number or double the wager on the current figure. And, when it occurs within the 36 spins, you can stop.

Now it is clear that as soon as you get the ball in the desired figure the odds of winning sooner increase. Luckily, if you get it 36 times in the slot your cash will be returned.

Another method: Suppose a player bets on number 1 and deposits $1. Four situations may occur:

  • He gets his number in the first round. He’ll earn a benefit of $35 since he invested$36 from which $1 is deducted as the wager amount. Now the player may want to play more with the same figure
  • Second situation the player gets his figure out in the midst of the game. In order to determine the earning $36 – number of wagers- $1. Here the player may continue with the same figure he began with or can pick up another figure as per his choice.
  • Third situation where the player may get his figure on the 35th swirl then the total earning will be zero since $36 – number of wagers-$1 deposited.
  • In the fourth one the player couldn’t hit the figure in the whole 36 swirls. In such situation he may put double wagers on the same figure and begins playing to earn something.
  • This kind of wagering system doesn’t demands for the bigger deposits though it offers the reasonable benefits when the player wins.
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