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Martingale-The betting strategy

Martingale-The betting strategy

While playing roulette the players seek for the help to reach to the topmost level. Few players fall down while others hear that their bets will be doubled for each thrashing. They realize that they need to win as soon as possible. This is what the Martingale strategy comes in which is in existence from long time.

Now let’s understand how does this strategy work?  You place a wager but unfortunately lose it. What’s the result, you find your wager is doubled then again you play for the wager and once again you lose. Again your wager is doubled and this doubling process continues unless you win and reach to your actual wager.

Don’t confuse with the multiplication of wagering. Let us make you understand by an example: 

  1. You place a wager of $1 and start playing but you lose.
  2. Now your second wager will be $2 but if you win you’ll save $1 and the next investment will be of $3 and if you lose your third wager will become of worth $4.
  3. If you win the third wager you’ll save $1 and wager for $7.  If again you lose your third wager and the new wager will be of $8.

Thus the wagering process grows continually and each time you save $1. However in higher levels like wagering for $257 in the 8th bet in order to make $1 seems to be mad. So in martingale there is no end of wagering. It’s all depends on the player how much he can invest.

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