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Swing roulette strategy

Swing roulette strategy

Swing strategy is especially for those gamblers who don’t want to place more wagers simultaneously. It includes two wagering procedures: either placing two wagers on six lines or one wager on six lines and other on even odds.  The wager series functions in 1-1-1-2-2-3-4-4-5-6-8-10. The process is as follows:

  • Initial bet is required to be of 2 units. First wager is placed on 1to 6 six stripes and further is on 19-24 six stripes.
  • In case the 19 to 24 six stripe wins, you may place wager on even odds or on initial six stripes. But if lose both wagers, you may follow the wager series in the above form:
  • Since you place the initial wager on 7 to 12 and 25 to 30 lines, assume the ball hits 10, you will win in initial six stripes. So the next wager will be single unit and it’ll be kept on 25 to 30 stripes and five units on even/odds. Assume the ball comes on 5 so you’ll miss the whole wagers you placed.
  • You are rapidly placing more bets on 1 to 6 and 19 to 24 six strips and single unit is put on each bet. You’re resulted with zero and miss all of your deposits.
  • Wagering system requires you to place more wagers now but by double units on each wager from 1to 6 and 19 to 24 stripes. And, now if you obtain 24 you’re succeeded by 12 scores.
  • You may revise your double wagering strategy on 1 to 6 stripes and now put on 10 units on stripes range from 19 to 36 figures. Suppose the ball comes on 34 and you’re succeeded by 20 scores.
  • Once you won in first two wagers, come back on single unit wagers on two six stripes from 1 to 6 and 19 to 24.


From the computations this strategy allows 300 units to wager on.

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