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Seductive Advertising for Online Gambling in Australia


Which advertisements do you remember? Did you know that others can guess your age with a great degree of accuracy depending on those ads? However, one fact that covers both old and recent advertisements is that they are all subject to specific regulations. For example, celebrity and social success should not be used to promote any type of alcohol. It is therefore questionable whether all the ads we are constantly bombarded with meet their respective requirements.

While some advertisements can be classified as borderline, the ones promoting online gambling have certainly crossed the border. Before we even speak about the ads, there are many arguments against the legality of online casinos in the first place.

As sad as it may seem, it may be better to legalize the casinos rather than leave them spread underground and flourish without having to pay taxes. The government must put its feet down firmly to ensure the casinos do not evade due taxes.

However, the fact that online casinos are legal does not necessarily mean they should advertise in different types of media apart from the Internet. Is it reasonable and fair for the government to allow these casinos to promote themselves via radio and television?

Some countries have legalized online casinos to advertise on both radio and TV with some apparently tough safeguards. For instance, they must not promise any windfalls or use either sex or celebrities in their ads.

Those who have seen the recent advertisements can decide for themselves whether the ads truly abide by the regulations. Many people concur that online casinos should never be promoted using any type of broadcast advertising.

There are already too many claims on people’s hard-earned money. Why should people have to resist the seductive calls for them to get lucky between their favourite TV programs?

These ads are not really meant for people with some interest in gambling. After all, such people are bound to find the casinos even without watching television. The advertisements are geared to lure more people into this unfortunate vice, including innocent youth.

The online casino is a great cancer already, and some people have been inconvenienced even though they are not gamblers. Have you ever taken a cab only for the driver to ask you for permission to take some coffee? If you agreed, did you notice where they went for that coffee and how long the queue apparently was?

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